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Stained Glass

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Renku 2008

mothers day
taste of
beauty and elegance /gc

visit to mom
she wears clothes made
from my cloths /jtc

Mother’s Day--
a bouquet of white lilies
beside your tombstone /jd

mothers day--
her favorite blue flowers
placed at the grave /jg

lovely as a rose
Mama's love will never die
fragrant years later /nf

Hail Mary
prayer of salvation
angelic salutation /gc

face of an angel
from earth to heaven she went
each day Mother's day /nf

her smile
when I thought they were sisters --
Mothers Day /tm

Mother understands
Though the knee hurts so very much
Wipes the tears away /qc

my heart was broken
Dr. Mom to the rescue
Krazy-Glue and love /rp

smile would light a room
a love that keeps on giving
Mama's precious love /nf

love caressed her cheek
sunlight danced upon her skin
berry picking time /nf

oh, Mama my dear
pink peony bloomed for you
my first blooms this year /nf

begin in each new mother
these blooms /_m

sweet iris
a part of mother's garden
in mine /b'oki

Mother's day
listening the sound of tape
her Koto Harp /sn

someone else calls her
mum /gc

Those years
you were there, today
with you. /vs

twisted and gnarled
digits write beautifully
mother's eighty-eight /jbc

mother's day
something sexy
for his wife /bill

bill - US
b'oki - Bette Norcross Wappner - US
gc - Gillena Cox - TT
jbc - Joseph B. Connolly - US
jd - John Daleiden - US
jg - Judith Gorgone -US
jtc - John Tiong Chunghoo - MY
_m - magyar - US
nf - Nan Forehand - US
qc - Quentin Clingerman - US
rp - Ruth Poteet - US
sn - Sakuo Nakamura - JP
tm - Tyrone McDonald - US
vs - Vaughn Seward - CA

Renku Editor - Gillena Cox

Any additional haiku, sent; from Mother's Day 11th May 2008
to Sunday 18th May 2008, will be added to the Renku.

Mothers day renku 2007

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Thursday, May 01, 2008


may day program
pickled mango
broke the mouth

pidgen haiku - Shanna Baldwin-Moore - Hawaii
photo - Gillena Cox - Trinidad and Tobago
haiga design - Gillena Cox

haiku used with Shanna's permission

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