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Potted Pine Tree

Duo Kasen "Potted Pine Tree"

Guest: Gillena Cox
Host: Taro Kunugi

Start: December 2, 2009 at 4:30pm
End: December 29, 2009 at 4:10am

1-1 Winter; Gillena
potted pine tree --
a fairy ornament
under a branch

1-2 Winter, Taro
the well sunlit living room
the cat tangled up with yarn

1-3 No season; Gillena
we gather
after such a long time
loud laughter

1-4 No season; Taro
birds started chirping
soon it will be fine

Reverse of the first leaf

2-1 Autumn; Gillena
added to
the day's twitterings -
two blue birds frolic

2-2 Autumn; Taro
pampas grasses swayed down
exposing a parked car roof

2-3 No season; Gillena
hand in hand
they slip into the KFC

2-4 No season; Taro
the old town revisited
a light disillusionment

2-5 No season; Gillena
busy main road -
still early in the day yet
the bars are filled

2-6 No season; Taro
a gyrating school of fish
vain momentum in the sea

2-7 Summer; Gillena
'we beat' festival
haggling the price of
a straw hat

2-8 Summer moon; Taro
the summer moon popping up
the sound of steel drums

2-9 No season; Gillena
a bus commuter
music concealed in earplugs
taps his fingers

2-10 No season; Taro
a blind man with a cane
coming led by his shadow

2-11 Spring Flower; Gillena
a mother picks one petal
from her child's hair

2-12 Spring; Taro
an album of sepia photos
the late spring afternoon

Obverse of the second leaf

3-1 Spring; Taro
water pool receding
as I press the pedal into
the mirage

3-2 No Season; Gillena
after rushing to answer
the phone only dial tone

3-3 No season; Taro
but a relief then sadness;
kettle whistling

3-4 No season; Gillena
a scrap of paper off the floor
the grocery list scribbled

3-5 Winter; Taro
early morning
the silver garden
first frost

3-6 Winter; Gillena
hot chocolate--
the jolly bobbing of

3-7 No season; Taro
white clouds
reflected on the Amazon;
distant howls

3-8 No season; Gillena
dogs at night breaking
the sequence of sleep

3-9 No season; Taro
strange footsteps
to the porch and back;
the dead father

3-10 No season; Gillena
walking past the cemetery
white washed head stones

3-11 Autumn moon; Taro
the brighter the moon
the more crystalline the singing
of the insects

3-12 Autumn; Gillena
a moth with folded wings sleeps
on the door through the long night

Reverse of the second leaf

4-1 Autumn; Taro
cold but thronged
the second-hand book market;
autumn is deep

4-2 No season; Gillena
in silence a library clerk
accepts the book returned

4-3 No season; Taro
lost in
the self-propagating labyrinth;
the robot

4-4 No season; Gillena
in and out and out again
dream scape travesties

4-5 Spring flower, Taro
under the blossoms
from a merry party to another;
a drunken vagabond

4-6 Closing stanza, spring; Gillena
A clown's wig completes
the carnival costume, yeah!!!

"Potted Pine Tree" - renku; between Gillena Cox, TT & Taro Kunugi, JP; first posted at Renku Cafe


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