Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Rain

Inspiration for this haiga


comrade harps said...


Devika said...

Good one, Gillena cross words used to be a favourite pastime...since i stopped, i lost my vocabulary,

morning tea-
words cross
in the newspaper


Lorraine said...

one should never leave newspapers in the rain, I love this

Frieda said...

Very nice.
I used to do lots of crosswords, I turned to Sudoku (sometimes).

Gillena Cox said...

Comrade Best regards 2011;

Dev i still like crosswords, but dont concentrate on them as often as i used to, thank you for the renku;

Lorraine LOL :)

Frieda i was introduced to suduko, but, i dont trouble myself with them, my daughter is though a huge fan

much love...