Monday, February 28, 2011


raindrops pearl~
another flower opened
the jasmine bush

ah, but that was yesterday; today has started out sunny and bright

--photo and haibun; gillena cox

The story of Draobete in the Romanian Festival of Love tells of...
...a proud woman, teasing the month of March who then gets even by taking a few days from February. Other stories are of Dochia, sister of Dacian ruler Decebal, who runs away in the mountains to seek refuge from the Roman Emperor Trajan. She disguises herself as a shepherd, but looses her lambskin and freezes. She is then metamorphosed into a stream and her sheep are turned into flowers. Regardless of its origin, the myth of Dragobete speaks of pristine love, of nature’s rituals translated into people’s life, of new life cycles and of being reborn.

Bye Bye February thank you for my birthday on day eleven;
much love


Devika said...

That's not jasmine for us...but i see in many countries its called Jasmine we call it 'nanthyarvattam' as as you noted crepe jasmine is the name in English?

nice reading the story, Gillena :)


Devika said...

and the haiku too, :)


Gillena Cox said...

'nanthyarvattam' quite a mouthful for me :)but rings through more musical to the ear than crepe jasmin:) glad you stopped by Devika;
much love...

Devika said...

hahaha...Malayalam is the most tongue twisting of all Indian lauguages, it is said...and one of the most complex scripts...and yes, there is a poetic/musical appeal to it often, though prose can be tough and difficult :)


Devika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu said...

Thank you Gillena for posting the story of Dochia. It is a Romanian legend and it was a nice surprise for me.
I liked very much your haiku and the flower. I always loved white flowers.
Best wishes,

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