Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chacachacare Saturday

we assembly at the dock to await our pirogue

the rain
in yesterday


from a blue bag
orange life jackets


sea spray splashing
the tour guide's
pointing finger


The book club (NALIS St James Book Club) having read Prospero's Daughter we cross the Gulf of Paria to visit the island of Chacachacare which the author Elizabeth Nunez used as the setting for her novel

absence of a breeze
the heat
on another island


sea crossing
head of a baby turtle


floating dock
our feet on the island
of Trinidad once more

all haiku and photos -- © gillena cox 2011


...Nunez's novel, set in the early 1960's on Chacachacare, a tiny island and former leper colony off the northwest coast of Trinidad, takes off from the most disconcerting moment in Shakespeare's play...Nunez, who is a master at pacing and plotting, explores the motivations behind Caliban's outburst, hatching an entirely new story that is inspired by Shakespeare, but not beholden to him.
read a review here


...originally named El Caracol (the Snail) by Christopher Columbus because of its shape, on 12th August 1498; at various times in its history, Chacachacare has served as a cotton plantation, a whaling station and a leper colony. Today Chacachacare remains uninhabited except for staff maintaining a Lighthouse on the island. It is also regularly used for day visits and camping
read more here


Scatterling said...

Very interesting, Gillena, and love your haiga! Chacachacare and Maiden Bradley (Wiltshire, England) have something in common - those who were unfortunate to have had leprosy. Maiden Bradley gets its name from the leper hospital for maidens that was founded here in the 12th century. The word Bradley means a wide clearing or wood. Just a bit of useless information :)

Michelle said...

Thank you Gillena for sharing your interesting day in photos and haiga. I just kept looking at the island and water and it just appeared so soothing in comparison to being concrete-locked in the city (like me). I also enjoyed reading the history of the island and learning about the commented that Scatterling left in her comment. I'm still struggling a bit with the pronunciation of Chacachacare. ;-D

Tikkis said...

Very interesting! I saw a Japanese photo where a fishing vessel was parking on the high way...

And another photo where a house was sailing in the middle of the ocean.


Diane Mayr said...

Oooo, I want to join your book group!

Masago said...


Frieda said...

Thank you for taking me on your trip with you. That was a very interesting post :-)

Gillena Cox said...

thanks for popping in; much love...

Lorraine said...

I missed all these, I'm so cold here, and there you are warming me up with your words, and your stories, your art and your photos, thanks my friend!~

Gillena Cox said...

warm regards Lorraine; much love...

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