Monday, April 25, 2011

The Easter Parade 2011 #1

opening haiga
--Gheorghe Postelnicu, Romania

a cherry tree
in full blossom, dreaming of
a caribbean breeze
--Taro Kunugi, Japan

Welcome to 'The Easter Parade' 2011 at Lunch Break

Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday has been cited as the earliest precursor to modern Easter parades

--Lorraine Renaud, Canada

the empty tomb:
freedom for all mankind
embracing the light
--Keith A. SIMMONDS, T & T

'The Easter Parade' 2011 continues to April 30th; Poem copyright remains with the individual writers
much love


Devika said...

definitely sounds a good parade to watch...would love to join as well, though now kind of fused out after the feast :)

fasting after feast
new wine
in old wineskins

if that's good enough -- but does it convey? not sure, let me mind has been sleeping through the day's work :)


Lorraine said...

You are strong to encourage others in beautiful challenges, thanks Gllena...

Gillena Cox said...

Lorraine, Devika thanks for stopping by, Easter Blessings to you and yours

Devika there is scriptural reference to new wine and old wine skins where; in reality of that era, old wineskins had been stretched to the limit; using them again therefore risked bursting them;
the metaphor used by Jesus was in comparison to the old religious ways and The Way which he was now presenting

however in reality and today in our lives we can use the ideal in our strive to be nearer and nearer to Jesus, humbling ourselves, that in our imperfection we still place some old wine with the new into our new wine skins

but all is not lost

for the stiving is well worth continuing; the victory has already been won by Jesus

:) much love...

Devika said...

Oh Gillena...that sounds tough for me...though I am already a spiritual person, beyond the religions, nations and what divisions man has created :)

Saw Passion of the Christ in bits and pieces the day before....need to see that again -- Christ's face speaks of hardships on the path of truth and love, no? yes, no other way forward :)


Devika said...

But no any religions asks man to follow anything else but love, and truth, compassion and all that is good -- if only they practiced that this world would have been heaven, no?


Gillena Cox said...

surely, Dev; i think the aim of love is heaven

Easter blessings...