Wednesday, June 01, 2011

First Rainflies

revisit a rain fly haiga 2009


Devika said...

rainflies fly off as

that's a childhood memory...may be, an imagination, but i thought it was real -- and the night stays so vivid in memory (i'd even written a story then- may be 10 years or so,

rainflies and fireflies, both were a fascination -hard to find them in Delhi

nice ark for the haiga, again, Gillena :)


Devika said...

* meant nice art work... though 'ark' seems a nice abbreviation :)


Gillena Cox said...

:)ark, art; rainflies, fireflies
is there a poem in here ?

have a nice day Dev

much love...

Devika said...

life at times is more about art and poetry than "life" - :)

Nice day to you too Gillena :)


Lorraine said...

fantastic...oh this is one for the books, heck they all are said...

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