Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Fest

driftwod Jigsaw Puzzledriftwod Jigsaw Puzzle

after playing the puzzle you can hyperlink to other beach related haiga posts

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These are hot days; and here in the Caribbean we are having Hot as well as Rainy Days, try to stay cool remember to drink lots of water; much love

Lemon grass tea
soothes my tummy
waves calm my spirit


Thank you for sharing 'Chelle


Lorraine said...

I drink in your words and lotsa mineral water that I love with a twist of lemon ;) geesh is everybody away?

Gillena Cox said...

i ask myself the same question; thank you for stopping by

much love...

Michelle said...

Lemon grass tea
soothes my tummy
waves calm my spirit

My neighbor gave me some lemon grass yesterday. I made such good tea with it today. Yummy! This stuff is so expensive in the store and she gave it to me. ;-)

Adelaide said...

I'm not away. Just not blogging much. Too hot here.

Stay cool everybody.


Gillena Cox said...

Chelle that's such a lovely tea, a friend gave me some and i put the stalks in water and they sprouted after a few days; so i planted it and now i have lemon grass in my garden

glad you stopped my

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Adelaide thanks for stopping by

much love...

Anonymous said...
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