Sunday, October 07, 2012


Sunday Savvy
a haiku book received
book swap

--gillena cox

Its a hot bright Sunday, i remember i haven't cleared my mail box in the last few days; but i thinking, i dont need to be so anxious about receiving bills. However the large white envelope contains a copy of Undercurrent - by Marleen Hulst and Bouwe Bouwer; so i now have in my collection two books of Bouwe's haiku; this one and a previously received copy of Messages From The Past; he in turn has both my books - Moments and Pink Crush

Sunday Smiles

Today is #44 in the series Sunday Savvy i invite you to share a Sunday something of yours email me or post a COMMENT

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Shauna said...

A charming haiku.

Gillena Cox said...

thank you Shauna

much love...

Jim said...

Very nice Sunday Savvy, Gillena. Nice going on your books. I received a book today that a friend has written and just got back from the publisher. It means a lot when you know the author.

I'd share my ยต-fiction Story today on my other blog (oh yes, thank you for peeking in on my OSI scarecrows on the poetry blog).
It capitalizes on the Romney killing Big Bird gaf. Jim's Succintly Yours posts

Gillena Cox said...

thank you for stopping by

much love...