Tuesday, February 12, 2013


3NiecesAndADaughter Jigsaw Puzzle3NiecesAndADaughter Jigsaw Puzzle
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Its Carnival Tuesday, A safe and Happy Carnival to all.

The story A Chicken In De Fridge continues February 11 – 13th 2013. Remember, this is a haiku fiction story. All the characters in this story are fictitious and do not refer to anyone in real life

Part 2 –Change In De Costume

“Where were you Miss Gemma, you forgot we have to pick up our head pieces this morning.” “Well you must be hard of hearing because I tell you where I was going when I was leaving last night. What time Val say she coming to pick us up?” “She should be here any minute now so you better get ready” “Get ready? girl look at me I cant be any readier than this” Look at this vision of Carnival Saturday morning loveliness”.

Val’s car eased to a stop at Gemma’s gate. She sounded the horn pop pooopp and adjusted her rear view mirror. Yeah, she was good, she didn’t have to freshen up her makeup, though she pulled out a tissue and gave her nose a hurried little pat and then threw the tissue into her handbag. “Where’s Gemma? She not coming with us? I hope she don’t think I picking up any head piece for her” “Something about the lipstick colour clashing with the top she wearing, she coming out in a while” “I hope she know I have to make groceries for my mother today, you better go back inside and drag she out the house with what ever colour lipstick because I don’t have whole day to spend in front she house” Is alright she coming now”

“Morning Val where you get them shorts? They real cute” “Cute my grandmother fanny! you know I have other things to do beside pick up headpiece today” look at the time already” The girls were off to a good start, that was the essence of their liming; spates of heated bickering, but they were best buds. These musketeers were one for all and all for one. Val drove into Woodbrook to collect the head pieces, the rest of the costumes they had already collected days before, but some extra work had to be done to the headgear and Saturday was the delivery day for their section of the band.

The oversized white ghost heads with goggle eyes were all ready when they got there and each one showed their receipt and collected the correctly fitted oversized head. Of course, they had to be carried exposed and by hand, because they were so huge. As a courtesy however, the section were given standards which were added as a bonus for the inconvenience caused to players for having to come back to collect their headpieces after the rest of their costumes. Some players didn’t appreciate this gesture at all, because they didn’t like carrying standards, which they had not chosen in the first place, they had chosen a costume which allowed them to have their hands free. Gemma and her posse fell into that group, but they accepted the standards anyway.

They wended their way back to St James, Val dropping off Gemma and Drusilla, then heading off to Tru Value to purchase her mother’s groceries, and then off to Deigo. They would met in the Savannah on Carnival Monday.

Pigeons scatter…
The rise of dust clouds
In the wind



The Write Girl said...

A lovely carnival story. Thanks for sharing.

Lorraine said...

You are a most interesting person, you are so talented and you barely look 40!!!! lol for real, not that it matters but it's just incredible sorry can't do puzzle :(

Gillena Cox said...


glad you stopped by

much love...

Gillena Cox said...


don't understand why your Browser doesn't allow you to play the jigsaws, you always miss out on so much of the fun, sorry about that

much love...

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