Monday, May 27, 2013


coolness of evening...
yellow center of felled

--gillena cox

Linking today to Monday Mellow Yellow and back linking to Shadow Shot Sunday


Liz said...

Great shot! Have a fabulous week!

Liz (mlc)
Liz (mot)

Gillena Cox said...

glad you stopped by Liz; thanks for the links; will visit

much love...

Gerald (SK14) said...

gorgeous shot

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Pretty flower.

Lorraine said...

fresh beautiful, the poetry of it is splendid, How do you do it Gillena?

Frieda said...

very calming and beautiful. I like the combination of the cool evening and the warm yellow of the flower...

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you Gerald

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Gunilla welcome to Lunch Break

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Glad you stopped by Lorraine

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

glad you stopped by Frieda

much love...

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