Tuesday, June 20, 2017


[image courtesy Carpe Diem]

lifted storm warning -
in drawn curtains breath
of lingering overcast

morning rain -
splatting the aftermath
of storm Bret

new wildflowers
open petals
to clearing skies

rain and radio music -
what's left of the storm

© gillena cox 2017

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Carpe Diem
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Carpe Diem
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Magyar said...

__ All, good seeds of thought. _m

flood warning
made ready this canoe
the birds

Gillena Cox said...

Yes, that too; there have been reports of flooding, in may parts of the country
Thanks for dropping in with a haiku share; Magyar

much love...

Blogoratti said...

After the storm comes rebirth and awakening. Great and delightful read, greetings!

gillena cox said...

Thank you for dropping in Blogoratti

Much love...

Kristjaan Panneman said...

Wonderful series of haiku in response on these CDHK posts.

gillena cox said...

Happy you dropped in to read mine Kristjaan

Much love...

Dolores Fegan said...

Nicely done!

gillena cox said...

Thanks for dropping in Dolores

Much love...