Thursday, May 03, 2018


Online community poetry has been a charm for me since my retirement. I had planned when i retire to write , write and write; my hobby. Today i am still writing within in the exclusivity of my home and my private space. Which i hold dear to and enjoy. Outreached happened in unplanned spontaneous ways. Like acquiring copies of fellow online community writers through e-books and snail mail purchases. Then there were book swapping. Which i really really like. My first swap was with a Romanian haiku poet in 2009. I'm still book swapping in 2018.

style of the handshake
sometimes words need manifest
across the oceans

OUTREACH - a haibun © gillena cox 2018

3 May 2017
3 May 2015
3 May 2013

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Midweek Motif ~ Barter/Trade
Prompted by Susan. Challenge: Write a new poem in which you depict a real or imagined barter / trade that you see as "a very good deal."


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Book swapping sounds like something I'd like to do when I finally retire. Thanks for the idea!

gillena cox said...

Happy you dropped by MMT


Susan said...

Love! And let's keep swapping in mind.

Gillena Cox said...

Sure. thanks for dropping by

much love...

Panchali said...

Very intersting!!Book-swapping is surely an idea with much wider potential. Good writing, Gellina!

gillena cox said...

Happy you dropped by Panchali


gillena cox said...

Thanks for dropping by Sherry


kaykuala said...

sometimes words need manifest
across the oceans

Connections within the community is a noble thing, gillena!