Tuesday, April 16, 2019


climate change
making hot days hotter
oh to hear
the song of a skylark
to add joy to my day

© gillena cox 2019

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Carpe Diem #1648 skylark (hibari),

Chèvrefeuille's prompt is classical kigo - skylark (hibari) I do not know of this bird here in Trinidad and Tobago, so i did some research and came upon a poem To a Skylark by Shelley which is the inspiration to my response to the prompt. I couldnt fit my thought into a haiku so i wrote a tanka.

The skylark, more particularly its song, symbolizes ultimate joy. The speaker, Shelley in this case, asks the skylark to teach him this joy in order that he might give his poetry the same blithe quality of the skylark's song.

Teach me half the gladness

That thy brain must know,

Such harmonious madness

From my lips would flow

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