Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Circle February 14th

gifts to loved ones-
European florists sell
flowers from Gaza

-gillena cox, TT


my eyes brimmed with tears
it seemed to take forever
my first Valentine

As a first grader in school, I thought the teacher would never hand me a card from anyone. Everyone at my table had at least one and in tears I longed to hear my name called out.

Reason A. Poteet, USA, IN

my best Valentine
red, foil “I Love You” balloon
from a teen-age son

At an age, when parents are non-existent, our church youth had a balloon fund-raiser and my son bought a balloon for me.

Reason A. Poteet, USA, IN

“puppy love” spelled out
my worst Valentine mem’ry
the gift of a dog

When our son married and took his dog, my husband suffered terribly from dog-withdrawal. The next Valentine’s Day he showed up with
a new puppy and I can’t remember anything else in my shock.He knew how much I hate dogs.

Reason A. Poteet, USA, IN


Valentine Day:
last year's card
still unopened

Happy Valentine to all those who love,to those who want love, to those who want to love, but cannot love, and to thosewho cherish love above all else!Let the light of love keep leading usto togetherness and hope for a betterworld!


Steadfast in every
Situation faithfully
Love is life's constant

Happy Valentines Day
-Que; US


paper doilies
and red construction paper
her first valentine

a baby girl
mother's valentine's

Valentine's Day is my 55th birthday. The doctor told my mother I was "too smart to live" and would be dead by my 5th birthday. (All because I cried when he drew his hand back to spank me!)

-Brenda; US


Mostly, when I think of Valentine's Day it's the exchange of love and gifts between those who are in love - married or dating couples. Yet, it's the love of friends (for those who are single and not in a relationship) that is so very meaningful and lasting. In His wisdom, God did not only mean love for lovers. Today, I have been touched by the blessing of love today from the Lord and my friends. I feel exceptionally blessed and fortunate. If you've been touched like this, then you are, too. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Michelle ; US


A Valentine's Day Game Dating through the Ages


John McDonald said...

loved your 'flowers from Gaza'

Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant ce ai postat.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut chiar e frumos si interesant.Felicitari si sigur am sa mai revin!

sakuo said...

a chocolate from wife
it's only formal

All my sons and grandchildren are busy on the happy day.
We two only stay at home.


Bill said...

Belated hugs and kisses, Gillena.

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for the sharing of love on St Valentine's day

much love