Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

At the church where i fellowship, St Mary's RC in St James, Trinidad; The easter vigil takes place on the Saturday evening, the day before Easter Sunday.
The church is thrown into darkness, then light, symbolic of The Risen Lord is brought into the church, the congregation have their candles lit, passing the light on, one to another, spreading it throught out the whole church. The vigil continues with scriptural readings and hymns; followed by the celebration of Holy Mass.
Easter vigil--
we accept again The Light
into our hearts

--gillena cox; TT

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL visitors to Lunch Break
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On the Good Friday the bells are silenced and conjunct with ropes,The boys run out onto the fields and roads with their wooden clappers calling the people to mass. and it bells again at Saturday evening and Easter Sunday, of course!
silent bells –
the boy’s wooden clappers
call us to mass

-- Tomislav Maretić; Croatia

Lee dyeing his eggs
--Michael Baribeau; US


Magyar said...

Oooo.... What an Easter Morning gift ! Happy Easter Gillena !

RBroeker said...

Thank you very much, Gillena. And happy Easter from here to you!

Best wishes

polona said...

and a happy easter to you, gillena!

sakuo said...

Happy Easter!Gillena san.
May you be peace, God bless you!


Devika said...

Oh that was so nice, Gillena

i am late here,
Hope you had a great Easter, :)

Seasons Greetings!

John McDonald said...

exactly how we did it on Sat. night vigil- happy Easter Gillena

Michelle said...

I, too am late, but you were the only one to send me a beautiful Easter greeting. It cheered my day and put a smile on my face. I hope your Easter was wonderful!

Dalloway said...

happy easter

Gillena Cox said...

thanks or stopping by
much love