Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Poem In Your Pocket

ending April
one more poui blossom
falling /gc

--previously published (in Magnapoets)
flower show
a child tells me
her favorite color /wk

sunset -
she draws a red thread
through her embroidery /jm

Spring time –
in my secret pocket
a dry lime leaf /md

No money
in my pocket book...
but so many haiku! /vm

Pick my pocket now
Finding mostly lint from wash
A poem pops right out /qc

bowl of soba
on the first day of Spring
picking my teeth /jc

tobacco crumbs
in a wrapped clipping--
beware the raindrops /rb

--mata koko ni / wakaba hikari ni/ yurete wori
here I come again
young leaves swinging
in sun beam /sn

power failure
an employee explains
a sit-down strike /rp

ending April
so many winter haiku
not yet written /jt

gc--gillena cox; TT
jc--Joseph B. Connolly; Nevada USA
jm--John McDonald; UK
jt--Juhani Tikkanen; Turku Finland
md--Magdalena Dale; Bucharest - Romania
qc--Que Clingerman; USA
rb--Ralf Bröker; Germany
rp-- Reason A Poteet; USA
sn--Sakuon Nakamura; Tokyo Japan
vm--Vasile Moldoan; ROMANIA
wk--William Kenny; Whitestone NY USA

Renku -- 'A Poem In Your Pocket'-- editor/coordinator - gillena cox; TT

All the poems in this sequence remain the copyright of the individual writers and should not be used without their permission

April 30th - A Poem In Your Pocket Day


polona said...

this is a delightful sequence. ll done all of you, and thank you, gillena, for sharing.

RBroeker said...

Very, very nice haiga, Gillena. And again it is just great to be a part of a project like this.

Best wishes

Devika said...

Oh excellent series, and again thank you for sharing it all here, Gillena :)


sakuo said...

Thank you Gillena san.
I can see my haiku at your page.


John Merryfield said...

A wonderful collaboration. I enjoyed all of the images. Thanks for sharing Gillena.

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for the visit; glad you liked the renku
much love

HaikuKelly said...

So happy someone else celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day!