Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Passover Moon


BlueJayEye said...

christmas and now passover, i like how you encapsulate a celebratory theme on your poems, picture is thematic too

Lorraine said...

May the new Moon bring all that is needed, your art sings always x

Lorena said...

Do they practice much rainwater harvesting where you are?, it's big here and helps people get through the dry spells. This is an interesting book on the topic-

John McDonald said...

enjoyed these Gileena

Bill said...

Well done, Gillena. A shift in perspective on present sorrows.

RBroeker said...

We don't have to see clearly, when we feel what it is. Well done, Gilenna.

Best wishes

Magyar said...

__We've had rain and flooding just west of Cape Cod, far rain more than normal. Wish we could send you some, Gillena!

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks all of you for yoyr visit and your appreciation;

_M --enjoy it; i was hearing about a drought situation on the radio news some where in China also

Loreno --rainwater harvesting is done on an indivual basis by some folk, river water harvesting on a national level is in process during this drought

much love

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