Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trinis Say


Bill said...

You say tomayto and I say tomahto.

Language is fun to play with.

Magyar said...

Gillena... this one is fun!
__I'd not heard the term 'Trinis' before... . May I say "Good wishes to you, my Trini friend?"


Lorraine said...

a very very appetizing combo, words and photo, you are 'extraordinaire'

John McDonald said...

yes a nice playful one

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks all of you for stopping by; glad you liked this fun piece

Magyar--yup; i'm a trini :)

much love

HaikuKelly said...

I like that you mixed it up and included a photograph. :) We must always be trying something new!

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks Kelly

much love