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The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011-12

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MERRY CHRISTMAS and Welcome to the FOURTH YEAR'S celebration OF 'The 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break' Thank you for celebrating with me

All the prose (ie. story of) 'Anansi and The Twelve Days of Christmas' © gillena cox 2011


He jumped off his bed dancing wildly and shouting
"i'm at home, i'm at home";
then, he paused for a while, he scratched his spidery head,
"but how could this be? he said to himself ."
For the last thing Anansi remembered, he had packed his backpack and was headed back to Africa on a trek through the rainforests of Latin America, with the hope of webbing and swinging all the way across The Atlantic. Oh yes, Anansi the Spider man had decieded to follow his heart, fullfill his dream, reach for his star. Meanwhile downstairs the voice of Mrs Anansi loud and clear is filling the Anansi home
"On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeee...three french hens...two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear treeeeee" .

Meanwhile in Germany as reported by Ralf Bröker

each light
in every arm

--And in Tinidad and Tobago as reported by Keith Simmonds

strings of bright lights
all around the houses :
every heart throbbing

--And in Romania as reported by Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

every Christmas
the old maid remembers
"The little match girl"

Meanwhile in Canada as reported by Lorraine Renaud

on my face

Many religious observers ascribe the Three French hens as symbolic for The three kings bearing gifts - Faith, Hope and Charity

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Lorraine said...

on my face

Gillena Cox said...

Hi Lorraine, thank you for sharing a haiku; am editing to include today

much love...

Frieda said...

Such a wonderful project! I really enjoy reading all the contributions :)

Gillena Cox said...

Hi Frieda, so happy you stopped by

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