Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wild Fowl Trust.3

Pt 3 - continuing; Another Book Club Lime, our first stop The Wild Fowl Trust at Point a Pierre; all photos taken Saturday 24th March 2012
Taking our bottles of water and our cameras, we start out on tour.
Very quickly, before it flies off, we catch a glimpse of a
yellow-headed blackbird

A littler further along, we meet the ibis.

Surprisingly enough, they are born black, females grow up to be white.

The scarlet ibis needs a diet rich in beta carotene to develop their vibrant red colour.

We continue walking the circular path.

Way way out in the pond; are two coromants.

A wattled jaracanda stands alone on a lilypad; the male bird of this specie; we are told is the one who sits on the eggs after the female has layed them and hatches them and nutures the young ones.

Shadows of tilapia at various places spot the pond.

And caymen, we learn, though we see none, love to eat the water hyacinths. No crocs or gators live in either of the two ponds.

a narrating voice
holds rapt attentions ~
lotus blossom

the smoothness of ~
surprises along the trail
'paper bark tree'

*paperbarks - Melaleuca pronounced mləljukə -

peacock center stage -
now observers become
the audience

haiku and photos -- gillena cox

Tomorrow Wild Fowl Trust.4 - final part