Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wild Fowl Trust.4

Today ends the 4-part mini series - "Another Book Club Lime, our first stop The Wild Fowl Trust at Point a Pierre" All photos taken Saturday 24th March 2012

flowers and trees
enhancing bird life ~
beauty harnessed

--gillena cox

Next - we went to The San Fernado Hill; then on to
Waterloo: Temple in The Sea, Indian Caribbean Museum, and Dattereya Yoga Centre

a day for wandering
a day for haiku...
spring rain

--Issa, 1825

So that was "Book Club Lime - Saturday 24th March 2012"

photos -- gillena cox

revisit "Book Club Lime - Chacachacare Saturday 2011"

much love


Adelaide said...


A beautiful park. You've taken fabulous photos and written lovely haiku. I've enjoyed reading this group.


Lorraine said...

You are amazing and I appreciate you sharing this beauty with us x

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks Adelaide and Lorraine; glad you enjoyed the tour

much love...

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