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late Christmas card
call of a peacock
in the distance

--Kirsten Cliff

soft breath of God
whispers to my heart and soul
a Son is born today

--Pat Geyer

...Gently, gently, gently Anansi felt himself being landed; As Wind opened slightly the door of a stable, no one looked around, the door was opened so quietly. And there it was Anansi saw : oxen, donkey, sheep, cattle all lying in sweet hay, some munching, some not; and the same three unusually dressed men, presenting their gifts to... and this is when Anansi squealed with delight "baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph and shepheds". Anansi clapped his hands for joy and did a happy dance, but no one looked around, no one saw or heard Anansi; but everyone heard angels singing, Joy to the world let earth receive her King.... (continues tomorrow)
(story of) 'Anansi - An Unusual Experience' © gillena cox 2012

Anansi image © gillena cox 2011

A star twinkles on
a child in a manger …
the Prince of peace

a tiny Infant
from the humblest of abodes
peace and love to all

--Keith Simmonds

Welcome to the FIFTH YEAR'S celebration of 'The 12 days of Christmas here at Lunch Break' Thank you for celebrating with me
Wishing the love and warmth of family and friends MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Christmas Eve
of long agos
I still cry
'O Holy night


Lets do this; the 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break Dec 25 to January 5th; join in the celebration email me or post a COMMENT

revisit 3 Jan 2012
Inspiration for this series The Twelve Days of Christmas Carol
more about Anansi

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