Saturday, February 11, 2017



Its February 11th and YES its my birthday. Thanks for ALL the wishes, greetings, and gifts of poetry; ONLY SOME of which is posted here

Happy birthday mother Gill.
May your happiness stand tall like the hill
Much soothing like the early lark’s thrill
And the morning sunrays on your window overspill
With your dreams pouring in peaceful and still
As designed by the father in his Will
With every pathways cleared up of pills and chills
And your life lived with nothing on blank page to fill…
From ~ Adjei Agyei-Baah, Ghana‎

From ~ Ban'ya Natsuishi‎ Japan‎

From ~ Barbara Kaufman USA

From ~ Bekkie Sanchez, USA‎

From ~ Donna Smith‎‎

From ~ Famida Vilasini Basheer‎, India

Sumi-e by Kolyada Nickolay © 2015
...аs one of the subjects of traditional Chinese painting containing the symbols
whith the wishes of various goods such as happiness, health, success, etc.
In this case, it is metaphorical wish of long life

From ~ Francis Tugayé‎, France

From ~ google dot com

From ~ Kris Kondo, Japan

From ~ Laura Hegefield, USA‎

From ~ Magdalena Dale Romania

From ~ ‎Maria Tirenescu, Romania‎

From ~ Olga Neagu, Romania

[My dear birds
waiting with fly
haiku wings]
happy birthday to you

From ~ ‎Otteri Selvakumar‎ India

From ~ Sanaa Rizvi‎, Malaysia

From ~ Shanna Baldwin, Hawaii‎

From ~ Susan Delphine Delaney‎, USA

Sretan rođendan Gillena!!!
From ~ Tomislav Maretić, Crotia

From ~ Vibeke Laier‎ Denmark


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