Thursday, February 04, 2010

Standing Tall

This photo was taken in 2006 at the seaside in Matura,Trinidad; the haiku, is a 2010 added
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See more photos from Matura here


Devika said...

I have seen the scene many times...another fine haiga, Gillena :)

btw, Matura looks like Kerala...that's coconut palms??

And we have Mathura city in India, supposedly Sri Krishna's birth place :)


Bill said...

a seagull
landing on the dumpster
folds its wings

Tikkis said...

... hmnnn, nice! ...

a smoothing wave
hides the white spot
on a shore

Lorraine said...

Very precious, one of my favourites Gillena ;)

RBroeker said...

Fine haiga, indeed. And congrats to your cover work in the latest sketchbook at!

Best wishes

Emma Dalloway said...

ejoyable, as always

John McDonald said...

good one Gillena

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks to you all for stopping by
Dev - yes they are coconut trees; thanks for sharing about Sri Krishna's birth place;
Bill, Tikkis - thanks for the renku;
Ralf - Thanks very much, i feel happy John and Karina honoured me that way; quite a surprise it was too

Devika said...

okay Gillena :)