Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Savvy 31

the image inlaid is of a water colour drawing i did in 2003; haven't done any brush work in quite a long time; i think i'm ready to get back into that arena though, lately i've been thinking of doing so again

Sunday savvy -
the beauty of a blossom

--gillena cox 2012

oxalis blossoms still open
its purple leaves fold
--gillena cox 2003

Ever came across the term Sunday Painter? well, it does exist as a legitimate English language phrase; 'some one who paints as a hobby' Wow! what a discovery, i'm up there with the millions of other hobbyists, and we are labelled

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Frieda said...

I wish you a wonderful Sunday!
I used to paint with water colors, too, but somehow I don't find my colors anymore (maybe I should look for them...)

Gillena Cox said...

Let's Frieda; and have a wonderful day

much love...

Lorraine said...

Stunning all flowers
mine too ;)
Love your stuff my beauty

Gillena Cox said...

nice of you to drop in

much love...