Thursday, April 30, 2015


pre dawn
the sound of angels hover
over sleep

© gillena cox

the pink bubblegum
you make of me
--Alan Summers, UK

new viewpoint
a spring goose honks
from the rooftop
--Bette Norcross Wappner, USA

unburnt wood like hair
fully burnt ash like beard
my head nature's misinterpretation !
--Bidur Chaulagain

Dancing in your tune-
Tango altogether,
Breathless - to enjoy
--Bobby Amt, India

first date
pink bubblegum
stuck to her high heels

rolled-up carpets
counting the days
since I had a guest
--Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, Romania

You climbed through my sweat
Layers of sweet salt
You made me breathless

These cardinals
Wander to and from me
Singing to the waves

Rainy Friday morning
A young girl throws a ball
Birds scatter
--Deborah San Gee, USA

your cheekiness
swelling up for all to see--
pink bubblegum
--Devin Harrison

[Here are geese on Mass Ave. in Boston! Someone had tossed some bread on the sidewalk.]
flight overlay
tempers rise over
a hamburger roll
--Diane Mayr, USA

sleepless night
hanging on bare branches
the moon’s croissant
--Eugen Posa

after snowfall
of first flowers aroma -
such joy
--Gennady Nov

rising heat
her plunging
--Johnny Baranski, USA

fat baby cheeks
sweet as bubblegum kisses
baby now forty

Thundering Spring storm
Our Colorado weather
Brings snow rain tulips
--MaryBeth Utley Lathrop

Second date -
on the green green grass of home
pink pantie & bubblegum
--Nicu Stops Stopel, Romania

Search with eye
enjoy too big
green frogs love

Buddha sit
bothi tree
enjoy too breath
--Otteri Selvakumar, India

playing favourites-
the stone Buddha lets some crows
sit on his head
--Sanjuktaa Asopa, India

imagine a dot
in fibonacci sequence―
beautiful chaos
--Santiago Villafania

fingerprints ..
the bee’s flight
to flower
--Sarbjit Singh‎,

[painted the picture of my dog and my lil bus]

--Shanna Baldwin, Hawaii

fallen pink petals
into rain puddles
my bubblegum
--Vibeke Laier, Denmark

Poems remain the copyright of individual poets

Thanks to all participating poets; (A facebook event was drawn up with invitations, to post haiku in response, for the celebration of today's fest here at Lunch Break - A Poem In Your Pocket Day 2015)
much love

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Out of Sight L said...

Such artistry and beauty take my breath away, every time my dear Gillena x

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for dropping in Lorraine

much love...

BiPra... बिप्र said...

With random googling I find myself here, my pleasure to be part of tnis event. Thnks a lot Cox.