Monday, January 09, 2012

Life easily, we pass into today, a season for which, we have hankered so much in all this time past; and yet, it seems as if the gulf of separation was but a mystical one; like those nights or days when we sleep and awake to the reality of green hills sitting sedately under bice skies, where at intervals chicken hawks, in their ever spread wing span choreography, dot the vast blue above, to the refrains of fellow feathered ones, who chant the song of kiskadee; today's reality is life, a gift a precious merit, today

Today's haibun is dedicated to my husband Anthony Cox


Angelika said...

to have a good husband
she thanks God daily
soft winds

angelika kolompar

Angelika said...

she loves her husband
thaks God daily for him
soft island wind

Yes said...

your stillness
is in my heart
ready to fly

Lorraine said...

what a beautiful
to your love

Gillena Cox said...

Angelika, Firebird, Lorraine; so glad you dropped in

much love...