Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Savvy 16

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Its The Season of Carnival, and our mas makers are busy at their camps, creating fantasies; those stories they will tell, in colour, and rhythm, when their masqueraders finally take to the streets, in our cultural expression that is carnival. This year, all of that exposition will happen from Sunday 19th to Tuesday February 21st.

Meanwhile, however, today at Lunch Break, the Sunday Savvy series invites you to read a 'Sunday' Brothers Grimm tale

...One Sunday morning about harvest time, just as the buckwheat was in bloom, the sun was shining brightly in heaven, the east wind was blowing warmly over the stubble-fields, the larks were singing in the air, the bees buzzing among the buckwheat, the people were all going in their Sunday clothes to church, and all creatures were happy, and the hedgehog was happy too.

The hedgehog, however, was standing by his door with his arms akimbo, enjoying the morning breezes, and slowly trilling a little song to himself, which was neither better nor worse than the songs which hedgehogs are in the habit of singing on a blessed Sunday morning...
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Sunday smiles to all

Sunday savvy
a furry of plumes at
the carnival band

--gillena cox

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a little reading
a cup of cinnamon tea
and the winter sun



Adelaide said...

a little reading
a cup of cinnamon tea
and the winter sun


Gillena Cox said...

Adelaide thank you for dropping in; i'm posting your verse up front; have a good week

much love...

Lorraine said...

you inspired my drawing of today,love you ! :)

Gillena Cox said...

glad i did; thank you for stopping by, have a good week

much love...