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The Twelve Days of Christmas 2011-12

--Lighted Up Christmas Tree by Turku Cathedral haiga -- from Juhani Tikkanen of Finland

The FOURTH YEAR'S celebration OF 'The 12 days of Christmas at Lunch Break'; continues, thanks for celebrating with me
All the prose (ie. story of) 'Anansi and The Twelve Days of Christmas' © gillena cox 2011


Above Mrs Anansi singing, Anansi said
"we're here"
as he parked the car in the church yard; the children - boy and girl Anansi bounced out racing toward the church door,
"Wait! "
shouted Mrs Anansi, but they were already going with their friends to sit up front.
Mr and Mrs Anansi sat nearer the middle of the church.The inside of the church was so lovely, there was a Christmas tree and Christmas wreaths, and a creche, wherein, baby Jesus laid in the manger; and near the altar, the Christmas wreath with three purple candles, and one pink candle forming a circle with one white candle in the center of the circle. And they all settled in for the celebration. After church friends and realitives wished one another A Merry Christmas, as they left to return to their homes. As soon as Mrs Anansi settled in and buckled her seat belt, she continued signing her carol;
"on the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeee...ten lords a-leaping...nine ladies dancing...eight maids a-milking...seven swans a-swimming...six geese a-laying... five gooold rings.........four colly birds...three french hens...two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear treeeeee"

--Meanwhile from Keith Simmonds in Trinidad and Tobago

a jampacked church
worshippers belt out carols...
Christmas morning

--And in Germany as reported by Ralf Bröker

on ice
she finishes
in the middle of her turn

--And in the USA as reported by Adelaide Shaw

strong winds
holiday lights blinking
on and off

Many religious observers ascribe the ten Lords-a-Leaping as symbolic for The Ten Commandments

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Adelaide said...

strong winds
holiday lights blinking
on and off


Gillena Cox said...

first fish scale moon -
Christmas lights
still blinking

glad you stopped by Adelaide; all the best for 2012