Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cinderella Syndrome 10

Once upon a time, though it was not in my time or in your time, or in anybody else's time, there was a great king who had an only son, the prince and heir who was about to come of age. So the king sent round a herald who should blow his trumpet at every four corners where two roads met. And when the people came together he would call out, "O yes, O yes, O yes, know ye that his grace the king will give on Monday sennight" -- that meant seven nights or a week after -- "a royal ball to which all maidens of noble birth are hereby summoned; and be it furthermore known unto you that at this ball his highness the prince will select unto himself a lady that shall be his bride and our future queen. God save the king." Now there was among the nobles of the king's court one who had married twice, and by the first marriage he had but one daughter..., Cinderella[Europe; Joseph Jacobs;The Cinder Maid]

continuing the Cinderella Syndrome or What every girl should have; well!!! at least once in her lifetime, anyways...in haiku/haibun style throughout the month of August; e-mail me or add your contributions at comments; to included in the day's post


Lorraine said...

you tell it so well, like a spell ;)

Frieda said...

are there flood problems, too, right now in Trinidad&Tobago?
You really tell the story very well...

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks Lorraine and Frieda; glad you stopped by
Frieda, yes there is lots of flooding in some areas, so much so that the Prime Minister has prioritized a relief project to flood afflicted areas

much love