Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

September 11th
seasons and cycles
wilting caladiums
-Gillena Cox; TT

September eleven
The car radio was on
Twin towers were hit
-Quentin Clingerman; US

this unhappy day
the drops of water, they fall
cannot be undone
-kouji; PH

for those gone
not for the survivors
-Kitsune Miko; US

shorn birds
fall from the sky
-Pris Campbell; US

We speak
of everything except her son--
-Linda Papanicolaou; US


nikushimi no ima mo hatenashi kugatu jyuitiniti

endless hate
still going now
September 11th
-sakuo; JP

in a heartbeat...
our whole world
-Linda Pilarski; CA

our village is small
it became smaller
-Carol Raisfeld; US

Seven years gone
Rebuild it all
All except hope
- Famida Basheer; IN

i used to want
to be a fireman --
buildings crumbled
-Tyrone McDonald; US

ground zero --
a sparrow hopping
beside the black pit


to the black pit --
a dog in safety shoes
searching for life


ground zero --
blackened sweat drips from mask
of the life-saver


September morning
on the cup with broken handle
Twin Towers


September 11 ...
gusty wind in the pines
with a hint of smoke


September 11 --
in line at the blood station
bandannas and skullcaps


September 11 --
the World Wide Web covered
with all kinds of dust


September 11th --
after seven years, still
-Origa; US
more of Origa's 9/11

dust gathers
at the corners of her eyes
autumn leaves
dark figures
cartwheeling across the sky
maple seeds
-Trish Shields; CA

September storm
the green leaves that fall
before their time
-Bette Norcross Wappner (b'oki); US

September 11th
a new start
for the Autumn
September 11th
same moon
different heart
-Moussia; IT

renku editor gillena cox

Monday, September 01, 2008

Home Alone

home alone-
*independence holiday
*watergrass /gc2008

*Trinidad and Tobago first celebrated
its independence on August 31st 1962

*Watergrass a wildflowering plant