Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Savvy 34

paper bag from google

Sunday savvy -
standing in the queue
a ragged man too

--gillena cox

There used to be a small bakery on the Western main road, near the George Cabral street corner. There, on a Sunday morning, a bustling trade for hops bread was the order of the day. Long lines of people would be, standing waiting to buy hops. The queue, a mini carnivalesque on a Sunday morning. People from all walks of life, from St James and district outside of St James converged to form this mini metropolis for hot freshly baked hops. Many of the Sunday attendees at the nearby St Mary's RC church, i believe were in some ways distracted, by thoughts of the purchases of hops, they planned to make after Holy Mass

Sunday Smiles

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Sunday morning . . .
where the pastry shop
used to be


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Umbrella Fest

umbrellas Jigsaw Puzzleumbrellas Jigsaw Puzzle

okay so by now you get the drift, but i'll say it again, after you have played the puzzle you can hyperlink to other umbrella haiga posts

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Remember to carry an umbrella; its the rainy season here

Los Angeles dry weather
scattered sprinkles
umbrellas used in the sun


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Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Fest

driftwod Jigsaw Puzzledriftwod Jigsaw Puzzle

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These are hot days; and here in the Caribbean we are having Hot as well as Rainy Days, try to stay cool remember to drink lots of water; much love

Lemon grass tea
soothes my tummy
waves calm my spirit


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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday Savvy 33

"cruising on a Sunday afternoon" photo print by Martin Crush from Google forms the backdrop of this haiga

Sunday savvy
in the beat of the music
there my delight soars

--gillena cox

"Cruising On A Sunday Afternoon"...remember that song by Smokey Robinson, an all time favourite of mine LISTEN

Oh so now you know some Sundays i just like to put in my CD's and get into the music; those Sundays i dubb my music Sundays, i love the oldies, the new wave, the classics all of it


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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sunday Savvy 32

Sunday savvy -
sweeping leaves and feathers
a faint cooooo cooo sound
--gillena cox

Sunday is the day that i like to sweep the yard and prune shrubs; i like a beautiful garden, but i'm not much of a gardener, most of the flowering plants in my garden i have planted; but i'm not very consistent; therefore i pay to have my gardening chores done.
I have recently planted in my back yard portion of the garden, lemon grass, hot peppers and spanish thyme (which i use in seasoning fish) and have been looking in on them; we'll see how that goes
But really, sweeping and pruning on Sunday i feel a certain joy in doing; other days of the week should i do the same thing i feel like its a chore


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murky day
loading the fridg
with cold drinks
--Adelaide, US