Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Poem In Your Pocket

ending April
one more poui blossom
falling /gc

--previously published (in Magnapoets)
flower show
a child tells me
her favorite color /wk

sunset -
she draws a red thread
through her embroidery /jm

Spring time –
in my secret pocket
a dry lime leaf /md

No money
in my pocket book...
but so many haiku! /vm

Pick my pocket now
Finding mostly lint from wash
A poem pops right out /qc

bowl of soba
on the first day of Spring
picking my teeth /jc

tobacco crumbs
in a wrapped clipping--
beware the raindrops /rb

--mata koko ni / wakaba hikari ni/ yurete wori
here I come again
young leaves swinging
in sun beam /sn

power failure
an employee explains
a sit-down strike /rp

ending April
so many winter haiku
not yet written /jt

gc--gillena cox; TT
jc--Joseph B. Connolly; Nevada USA
jm--John McDonald; UK
jt--Juhani Tikkanen; Turku Finland
md--Magdalena Dale; Bucharest - Romania
qc--Que Clingerman; USA
rb--Ralf Bröker; Germany
rp-- Reason A Poteet; USA
sn--Sakuon Nakamura; Tokyo Japan
vm--Vasile Moldoan; ROMANIA
wk--William Kenny; Whitestone NY USA

Renku -- 'A Poem In Your Pocket'-- editor/coordinator - gillena cox; TT

All the poems in this sequence remain the copyright of the individual writers and should not be used without their permission

April 30th - A Poem In Your Pocket Day

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

First launched as an environmental awareness event in the United States in 1970, Earth Day (April 22) is celebrated as the birth of the environmental movement...Earth day history

Earth Day
I circle the date
in green

Earth Day
a note in
my kiyose
--William Sorlien; Minnesota, USA

violet asterisk –
somebody wrote my name
across the Earth's day
--Ralf Bröker; Germany

earth day-
holding a bouquet of flowers
in the check out line
--John Merryfield; Mexico

earth day
fallen petals adorn
the waste bin
--Polona Oblak; Slovenia

Under our feet
thousands of cherry petals…
still Earth Day
--Magdalena Dale; Bucharest - Romania

Wake up to Daylight
Thinking about God's green Earth
Birds pecking at seed
--Que Clingerman; US

Psalmist's Earth Day
resting in greener pastures
our Shepherd at work

Been busy in the yard with treating dandelions and clover which infiltrate my grass and spraying for ants which populate our area like sand. On a serious note I usually celebrated Earth Day with my class as a teacher. Earth Day needs a long hard look at progress and priorities.

forty years old now
a grassroots holiday
in midlife crisis
-- Reason A Poteet; US

she prays the seed
into the earth
--Bill Kenney; Whitestone NY USA

Earth day...
planting trees to become
giants of hope
--Keith A. SIMMONDS; T & T

panta rhei...
point in the universe
our Earth
--Krzysztof Kokot; Poland

Solar system
celebrates: happy
Earth Day!

We don't like
your kisses asteroids,
stay on your way!

Earthy Day party --
Mars pays court
to Venus...again

Earth Day --
a bit tipsy Jupiter totters
on his path

Blue Marble -- so many lifes in your blues!
--Tomislav Maretic; Croatia

soft breezes blow south
relief from hot days in spring
marine layer cools

no electric air
needed today open windows
bring shaded sun

cats chew green leaves
ecology of felines
earth day everyday for them

recycle what
hurts earth
save planet mother

--Michelle Rose; US

Mother earth's belly
mostly protected by
salty water

Our own moon
behind the heavy clouds --
I wanted to live in Jupiter!

(Jupiter "owns" 63 moons, counted now, I think one of those is seen more frequently ?)
--Tikkis; Finland

Earth day -
amongst the stars
a garden
--John McDonald; UK

Greeting from Poland I think of the destruction caused environment by the mines

gold mine -
the rain forest
and smaller
--Andrzej Dembonczyk; Poland

I should embrace the earth
but, ah dear, only two hands
are not enough

global heating-
health before wealth
for people and earth
--Vasile Moldovan; Romania

mirthday far off
as water sighs and cries
earth day thinks fresh
--Joseph B. Connolly; Nevada US

It's Earth Day today?
Too bad my tank was empty,
so Earth un-friendly.
--HaikuKelly; US

pruning shrubs
eve of Earth Day-
cirrus overpass
--gillena cox; TT

Earth Day asterisks 2009:-*Green Generation Campaign *renewable energy *green jobs *global dimming earthdaynetwork

Days before Earth Day 2009, President Obama's Energy Secretary Steven Chu gave a press briefing at the "Summit of the Americas" in Trinidad and Tobago where he laid out the potentially disastrous consequences if the world community doesn't unite to combat climate change read more

Poems in this Earth Day sequence are the copyright of the individual writers and should not be reproduced without their permission

Earth Day Haiku coordinator - Gillena Cox; TT

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

At the church where i fellowship, St Mary's RC in St James, Trinidad; The easter vigil takes place on the Saturday evening, the day before Easter Sunday.
The church is thrown into darkness, then light, symbolic of The Risen Lord is brought into the church, the congregation have their candles lit, passing the light on, one to another, spreading it throught out the whole church. The vigil continues with scriptural readings and hymns; followed by the celebration of Holy Mass.
Easter vigil--
we accept again The Light
into our hearts

--gillena cox; TT

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL visitors to Lunch Break
Share an Easter tradition e-mail me

On the Good Friday the bells are silenced and conjunct with ropes,The boys run out onto the fields and roads with their wooden clappers calling the people to mass. and it bells again at Saturday evening and Easter Sunday, of course!
silent bells –
the boy’s wooden clappers
call us to mass

-- Tomislav Maretić; Croatia

Lee dyeing his eggs
--Michael Baribeau; US

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Showers

Happy Poetry Month

William Shakespeare said “Men are April when they woo, December when they wed. Maids are May when they are maids, but the sky changes when they are wives.”

What say you email me i'll add it to this post

--Reason A. Poteet from US says
April seventeenth
marks the first of thousands
phone call number one
My husband calls me almost daily. No phone call has been as thrilling and anticipated as that first one on April 17, 1974, nearly thirty-five years ago. He
asked me to go to a movie, first date

--Quentin Clingerman from US says
Oh April showers
Rain dandelions galore
Yellow pollen falls

--William Sorlien from US says
When I first started writing poetry, I "installed" some guerilla art at the poetry park by Lake Phalen in my hometown,using chalk on the asphalt walkways to entice passersby with haiku. That summer evening there were much needed heavy rains and I got to watch the verses melt away, one by one...
evening rain
my poems washed away
to feed the earth

--Cindy Tebo from US says
between the blooms
of red bud and forsythia
nature's perfect sense of timing