Sunday, October 28, 2012


a day
chock full of clouds -
oh joy!

--gillena cox

...After Holy Mass this morning, walking through the church yard i overhear a man speaking to an aged lady, He asks "so did you enjoy this morning? "Yes" her frail sprightly voice returns. Wow!!! i muse inwardly i too enjoyed the morning. The homily about Bartimaeus, i think was exceptionally well delivered it held me wrapped, those words of determination, one of my many favorite scriptural stories; i had even written a poem about this in 2008 CLICK HERE to read Beggarman At The Roadside
Then there was that joy left over from yesterday morning having visited my grand-baby of nine days old

Sunday Smiles

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Joy to the World
a drop of rain
The snow will be here soon

--Lorraine US

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Sunday, October 21, 2012


her sweet little face
set in cherubic slumber
Sunday savvy

--gillena cox

“A grandchild is God's reward for raising a child.”
--Bill Cosby

...well i'm sure dear Lunch Break visitors, you've figured it out by now; i am a grand mother for the very first time. I felt like i was waiting an eternity, after my son gave me the news that i was going to be a grand ma. Time seemed to stretch like a well chewed bubble gum, but i made it through those longggg months of waiting. And today is my first Sunday as a grandma, hallelujah!!!
She was born in the afternoon Thursday 18th October 2012; she hasn't been named yet, her mom and dad are still deliberating...
(photo inset of my one day old grand-baby taken at the Mt Hope Hospital)

Thank you dear facebook friends and Lunch Break friends for your blessings and well wishes

Sunday Smiles

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child of my child
the instant opening
of love
like a rose bud unfolding
in the warming sun

As a grandmother of 6 I know the special love that comes. It's like you're reliving the love you gave your children when they were babies and something else besides.
-- Adelaide US

oh so beautiful
so happy
-pure innocence
a gift from her grandma

--Lorraine CA

new baby...
library's check-out desk

It's always like this when a new baby visits the library!

--Diane Mayr US

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


the road curves -
coconut palms rise to meet
high voltage wires

--gillena cox

Book Club Lime - Historic Mayaro.3 - Saturday October 13th (end of this mini series)

Our next stop, an area near the Otoire River; used in scenes of Michael Anthony's book 'Green Days By The River'. He recalls vividly his growing up days and the events he abstracts and attributes to his characters.
muddy waters
of the Otoire river -
a clear sky

--gillena cox

A slight drizzle reminds us of how the day started out, we were so thankful that the weather held up so nicely, despite the wake up thunder showers we experienced, in Port of Spain. Here our tour ends, and we then go to the community center relax and refresh ourselves.
After lunch, there are games which allows the two groups to introduce ourselves to every one; and also a Green Days By The River trivia.

board games
'green days by the river' -
the author observes

--gillena cox

The St James group reneges on beach lime, to head back into town, as evening fast approaches.
towards Port of Spain -
white clouds in the evening
mist the mountains

--gillena cox

Book Club Lime - Historic Mayaro.3 - Saturday October 13th (end of this mini series)

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Monday, October 15, 2012


the old post office
aged to ruin -
ti marie blooms

--gillena cox

Historic Mayaro.2 - Book Club Lime (Saturday October 13th) continues...

When we get to the old post office, which was opened in 1921, we garner from 82 year old Michael Anthony, this place as extremely special to him; which he attributes to the genesis of his career as a writer. It was here, next door, in a carat house, he lived with his mother.
The post mistress Olga Cuffie gave him books to read from her personal collection. He recalls reading books, such titles as - Wind in The Willows, Alice In Wonderland, Tom Brown's School Days (one of his favourites), books by Charles Dickens, and many others.
His life experiences, growing up next to this building, influenced the writing of his novels, two of which he made mention - The Year In San-Fernando and also Green Days By The River
where once roses bloomed -
a thousand pleas fill our hearts
for restoration

--gillena cox

It was however, quite redeeming, to hear that The Mayaro Historical Society has pledged itself, to renovations of the historic old Mayaro Post Office, including setting up a restoration fund.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Port of Spain
Leaving church this morning...

orange butterfly
sipping nectar -
Sunday savvy

--gillena cox

Meanwhile yesterday...Book Club Lime - Historic Mayaro.1 - Saturday October 13th
The St James book club joins The Arima book club and together we tour now historic sites in Mayaro, with Trinidadian author Michael Anthony

outside the church we listen to a sincere narration by a very humble soul; author Michael Anthony. He informs us that this Roman Catholic church will accrue an anniversary of 100 years in 2016; standing quaint and regal on the site of the old church built by Capuchin monks in 1690

arms of
the camera man
directing the group into
lens span

--gillena cox

"Walk gently and lightly on your path today … and leave a trail of lights so others may find their way" - Mitauye Oyasin (One Who Gathers Tribes)

Sunday Smiles

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Sunday Savvy
I turn to you
asking the impossible
and an apple and caramel delicassy

--Lorraine CA

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Sunday, October 07, 2012


Sunday Savvy
a haiku book received
book swap

--gillena cox

Its a hot bright Sunday, i remember i haven't cleared my mail box in the last few days; but i thinking, i dont need to be so anxious about receiving bills. However the large white envelope contains a copy of Undercurrent - by Marleen Hulst and Bouwe Bouwer; so i now have in my collection two books of Bouwe's haiku; this one and a previously received copy of Messages From The Past; he in turn has both my books - Moments and Pink Crush

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Monday, October 01, 2012


Series Picture Post Cards #30

traffic lights -
in a nearby bush
guavas ripening

--gillena cox

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