Monday, March 01, 2010


Lent; Caribbean Kigo #01 Kukai; 2009 revisited

season of lent-
my shadow
thinner and thinner
-- Jacek Margolak; POLAND

the ash cross
smudged on his sleeve
season of Lent
--Michael Baribeau; USA

last day of lent -- - -
so many spring blossoms
waiting to open
--Karina Klesko; USA

in the wayside chapel
kneel the prostitutes
--Andrzej Dembonczyk; Silesia, Poland

payday friday night
too many dollars lent
fish chowder all gone
--Joseph B. Connolly ; Nevada, USA

sizyun-sai touki karibu wo sinobi wori

lent festival
it reminds me
Caribbean far away
--Sakuon Nakamura; Japan

oko ponoci
zvono zove na pasticadu
prije Pepelnice

around midnight
a bellfry calls for pasticada
before Lent
--Tomislav Maretic; Poland

first day of lent
an upside-down squirrel
hangs onto the birdfeeder
--Cindy Tebo; USA

songs from carnival
are chased away by ashes
Lent has arrived.
--Corbelle Armando; USA

peacock eyes
under the lenten moon-
grass and grubs
--an'ya; US

After the Lent
all around the church
shells of red eggs
--Vasile Moldovan; Romania

Lent came to an end...
the blades of grass are rising
among the ruins too
-- Constantin Stroe; Romania

after the bacchanal...
lenten resolutions
for forty days
--Keith A. Simmonds; T & T

in the desert
temptation all around--
--tori inu; JAPAN

Lent begins –
old stones in a shoe
gnaw at her sole
--Mary Davila; USA

Lent --
the cross is not yet
--Angelika Wienert; Germany

discussing lent
he has a third biscuit -
mother superior smiles

cobwebs sway
where the mistletoe hung...
lent begins
--Ed Markowski; USA

Question what is lent
Stuff swept from under beds
Answered Josh age 6
--Gynith Roberts; USA

unlit candle
the Lent Sacrifice box
--Richard Krawiec; Raleigh, NC

be it borrowed, be it lent,
your pound of flesh
at stake
--Norman Darlington, Bunclody, Ireland

the great harmonies...
Lent opens
with a dead language
--Daniel W. Schwerin Minister; First United Methodist Church; USA

haiku are the copyright of each individual writer
image © gillena cox 2010

much love
gillena cox; Kukai Coordinator

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Lorraine said...

What a super collection, how nice of you to gather all those together Gillena, so different and yet resulting in the same idea, what lovely styles :)

Lorena said...

those were fun to read, thanks for sharing them

Ralf Bröker said...

I do remember them - especially Angelika's. Good set!

Best wishes

HaikuKelly said...

I liked the experience of reading all these haiku on the same theme all at once. I especially liked the ones where the writer used the word "lent" but didn't go for the seasonal, religious meaning of the word -- a twist on the theme.

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for stopping by

much love

Chubskulit Rose said...

Cool shadow.

Playful Shadow
Have a blessed Sunday!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a lovely gathering of haiku on Lent, each with its own special perspective! And love the interesting bend of the shadow in the photo!

Gillena Cox said...

chub, thank you for dropping in and sharing your link

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you Gemma; glad you stopped by

much love...

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