Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spliced In Day 28

I heard yesterday evening of the passing on Monday of haiku poet Betty Kaplan; my sympathies to family and friends; Dear lady; the haiku community mourns your passing

During the month of July There will be featured here at Lunch Break haiku related essays; original copyright remains with the websites and to their respective writers.

Spliced In - Day 28

...It is also important to think of Haiku as being built with images. Solid, concrete, images as opposed to abstractions. For instance “teardrop” is concrete, as opposed to the word “sad” which is abstract. The image should call the intent of the
poet into the imagination of the reader, who should then be able to feel it and experience it for themselves. To use the often over-used maxim; haiku should show not tell...:...

Read the essay The Art of Haiku by Lou Freshwater


Devika Jyothi said...

very evocative haiku, Sad news....Betty Kaplan- not sure i've read her but name is kind of familiar -

and a good essay -- reminders there as well, from the author,


Lorraine said...

oh so beautiful, I would love to take a photo of that....lovely

Gillena Cox said...

Devika -- she had been been a contributing writer to so many online magazines, two of which i contribute to Sketchbook and Tinywords; the latter when it started, allowed writers to receive a haiku daily by cell phone; that was a really nice that bit of hakiu networking from Tinywords; i enjoyed that very much

Lorraine -- her haiku which i featured today does have that quality of a painting captured on the easle by an artist, surely

much love...

Devika Jyothi said...

okay, then i must have read her, though i don't exactly remember her works...I have been to Sketchbook and Tinywords sites,

sad new -