Sunday, April 28, 2013


So much rain last night; i really didn't expect to wake up to a dry Sunday morning in which i could go to church; just saying

Sunday savvy...
April rain filling the night
my dreams washed away

--gillena cox

Sunday Smiles

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Out of Sight L said...

I love the rain, so very hot in this apt of windows bringing the sun body is sweating like its 120 d F it's not even 50 yet...this may well be the summer I never go out, then again i need new sneakers lol bear my dear we often have opposite discomfort to face :)

Gillena Cox said...

although the rain sneaked in for a few days its still hot, our Rainy Season really starts around June

much love..

Unknown said...

Je vais profiter de cet été pour faire tout ca ! Bref tout ca pour te dire merci pour tous ces conseils !!
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