Monday, June 17, 2013


Linking today to Sunday Whirl Wordle #113


in the wake of chalk and duster
knowledge confounded

a cave cut
in the hillside of mischief
a load of dynamite

shatters the status
of anything
that makes sense

the chattering
at recess pours in
after the bell

they giggle
whispering the scoop
from cupped hands

trying to drive
the teachers crazy
their splits

island children sanction
anancy tales

--gillena cox


Old Egg said...

Children soon learn if they can get the upper hand with teachers especially with a little anancy spider their running mate.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Love it! And love how we all take different slants from the same handful of words.

Gillena Cox said...


smiles; glad you dropped in

much love

Gillena Cox said...

J Cosmo

glad you liked it, thank you for stopping by

much love...

brenda w said...

I love the anancy reference. We've done some reading of "anansi" stories in my classroom. This was a fun read. Students are the same world wide, eh? Nice write!

Gillena Cox said...


glad you stopped by

much love...

Maggie Grace said...

Lovely write for the wordle! And I learned a new word: anancy :)