Sunday, August 11, 2013


long after dawn birds
shifting patches of azure ...
Sunday savvy

--gillena cox

For many, Sunday is a day of reflection; after a busy working week, comes Sunday; many put aside time to go to church, others just to read the Sunday newspaper. A good day to gently swing in your hammock, those of us who have one, recline in a comfortable chair, plop down on a beach towel, etc etc etc. What's special about all of these, and similiar quiet Sunday activities? Such persons seem to, and may be chided for, doing nothing; but really, a deep contemplative action is taking place.

What are you reflective about this Sunday? for me its all that nice vibe out on the main road yesterday, during promotion for Great Race August 24th 2013. Revisit Great Race 2012 Website

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Bill said...

quiet sunday
doing nothing going nowhere
the clouds

RNSANE said...

I've been to the Caribbean at least fifty times but, somehow, have never
made it to Trinidad and Tobago. Hard to believe.

Enjoyed visiting your blog.

Out of Sight L said...

Shifting passes of azure, you even paint your poetry wow

Gillena Cox said...

nice one Bill; im one for just gazing at clouds

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

RNSANE, hope you decide to visit T&T next time

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you Lorraine; happy you stopped by

much love...

Adelaide said...

twilight drive
country dining al fresco
with crickets


Gillena Cox said...

so much atmosphere in your haiku; thank you for sharing Adelaide

much love...