Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Trending September Day 7

[i used an image from public domain in this haiga, i cropped and added a frame]

Trending September Day 8

no summers
just Caribbean breezes
no winters either

fallen blossoms
on the paved walk

leaf cutter ants
they have a mind of their own
carrying cuttings

some faithful ladies arrange
vases for their church altar

automatic doors -
the intimated welcome
to grocery shoppers

persistent honking of horns
Sunday cooking gas sellers

polling day
the longest lines
for stained fingers

delicious! watermelons
did i mention, the red team won

© gillena cox

This is DAY EIGHT of Trending September a haiku sequence. And its the Day THE AFTER ELECTIONS 2015 here in T&T. During this September sequence i will not be linking to prompts at other sites.


Blogoratti said...

A delight to read indeed, well done!

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for dropping in Blogoratti

Much love...