Wednesday, September 14, 2016


[image from google dot com]

some at prayer heads bowed -
a shaft of sunlight enters
through stained glass windows

© gillena cox

'Pater Noster'
a statement a prayer
of humility
Pater Noster

first light ...
dawn dissolves in a gesture
of giving thanks

long after visitors leave
colourful furl of prayer flags

Kristjaan's prompts for Jane's Legacy continues

Carpe Diem #1053 worship

to a beach of stones
we carry a boat of blossom
afloat of prayers
© Jane Reichhold

at sunrise
a choir of birds
sings praise
© Chèvrefeuille


[my video choice for today]


Cressida de Nova said...

I enjoyed your video clip and haiku very much. Thanks !

Gillena Cox said...

Happy you dropped in Cressida

much love...

Anonymous said...

Lovely haiku. Love that song.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Awesome ... ah that music by the Platters thank you

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for dropping in; bend

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Glad you dropped by Kristjaan

much love...

Janice said...

Nicely done series!

Bill said...

stained glass . . .
my thoughts wandering
back to my prayers