Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Dragonfly

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Saturday just gone, my niece Candace invited me to do a water aerobics class with her; it was great exercise and great fun

water aerobics-
the red dragonfly
flitting past
--gillena cox 2011

We say "batty mamselle" instead of dragonfly, in our day to day conversations here in Trinidad and Tobago.
This beautiful little creature is immotalized in the sphere of calypso by one of our calypso masters The Lord Kitchener. Listen to Kitchener's - calypso Batty Mamselle; Hear also Batty Mamselle played as a steel pan duo by Gary Gibson on tenor pan, Miho Takekawa on double seconds


joo said...

I love dragonflies and I love your haiku!
Have a nice week ahead:)

Frieda said...

Dragonflies are beautiful animals. I like your haiku, too...
I hope you enjoyed the water aerobics lesson :)

John McDonald said...

good one Gillena

Lorraine said...

I love swimming,this sounds wonderful Gillena ;)

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for your words of appreciation and your stopping by; much love...

Unknown said...

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