Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Market Stall

Oil on canvas; Still Life with Fruit 1955; Sybil Atteck (1911 -1975)
image from google

Yesterday, our book club; attended an excellent dramatic presentation of The Stolen Cascadura written by Beverly - Ann Scott at the St James Library; as part of this year's Nalis 'One Book Community' reading festival. Well Done to the 'Dramatik Expressions' from San Fernando Library

market stall -
the unreal greeness
of plastic pears

--gillena cox


Frank... said...

A nice observation, Gillena. I sometimes think that one day all our food will all be plastic?????...

Anonymous said...

Or coated with that plastic stuff you can get off!

Lorraine said...

Your art alive comes alive for me, I love your talent

Gillena Cox said...

Frank and Sandy thanks for dropping by;
in this case the fruit was artificial not plastic coated, i had written another haiku but then decided against using it

the market stall -
some fruit fresh
Some fruit fake

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you for dropping in Lorraine

much love...