Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Savvy 29

Sunday savvy -
bright sky hosts no day moon
a gentle rain

--gillena cox

Today is the first rainy season Sunday here in T&T; if Corpus Christ Thursday was considered the start of the rainy season.
I came across some witty weather writings at coldal web pages weather lore
Here are a few that made me smile:

Rain on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next 7 Sundays.
Fog goes a hoppin', rain comes a droppin'
Fog in January makes a wet Spring
Feb fog means a frost in May
Ash Wednesday wind continues in Lent
Cold is the night, when stars shine bright.
If smoke goes up - clear, smoke comes down - moisture on the way.
--Carol Saseen


The last Sunday in the month indicates
the weather of the next month.

When circle around the moon t'will rain
-- Amber


Infallible signs of Rainy Weather, from the Observations of divers Animals!

If Ducks or Drakes their Wings do flutter high
Or tender Colts upon their Backs do lie,
If Sheep do bleat, or play, or skip about,
Or Swine hide Straw by bearing on their Snout,
If Oxen lick themselves against the Hair,
Or grazing Kine to feed apace appear,
If Cattle bellow, grazine from below,
Or if Dogs Entrails rumble to and fro,
If Doves or Pigeons in the Evening come
Later than usual to their Dove-House Home,
If Crows and Daws do oft themselves be-wet,
Or Ants and Pismires Home a-pace do get,
If in the dust Hens do their Pinions shake,
Or by their flocking a great Number make,
If Swallows fly upon the Water low,
Or Wood-Lice seem in Armies for to go,
If Flies or Gnats, or Fleas infest and bite,
Or sting more than they're wont by Day or Night,
If Toads hie Home, or Frogs do croak amain,
Or Peacocks cry
Soon after look for Rain!


Dirty days hath September
April June and November
From January up to May
The rain it raineth every day
All the rest have thirty-one
Without a blessed gleam of sun
And if any of them had two-and-thirty
They'd be just as wet and twice as dirty.

SUNDAY SMILES TO ALL whatever the weather have a nice day and do, share a lil Sunday something of yours with me: COMMENT or email me

Cultivated green tea fields, Numazu, New Tomei expressway service stop

the Pacific
the breeze of green tea
Sunday drive

--Taro Kunugi
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Crafty Green Poet said...

thanks for tagging me! We're getting a lot of rain this summer in Scotland!

Gillena Cox said...

thank you for stopping by

much love...

Frieda said...

What a lovely post :)
We have lots and lots of rain here, too...

Have a wonderful Sunday (for me it is almost over)!

Lorraine said...

I love it all, the warmest season for the heated words :)

Gillena Cox said...

Frieda it was rainy on and off here in St James

glad you dropped in; Have a lovely week

much love...

Gillena Cox said...

Lorraine it good to know you are enjoying your summer sun

much love...

Adelaide said...

Seems it's raining all over the world. We've had a very wet spring, good for the wells, but not for fun.


Gillena Cox said...

glad you dropped in Adelaide

much love...