Friday, November 23, 2012


Defining Haiku here at Lunch Break that's 30 days, November 1st - 30th of haiku features

The haiku in today's haiga(illustrated haiku)

bright moon
the vibe of parang lingers
long after dark

--gillena cox

Today's note - moon

There is a custom of moon viewing held in mid-autumn called tsukimi widely celebrated in Japan. It's said that this moon viewing custom was introduced to Japan from China. Tsukimi happens on the night when the moon is the brightest and the most beautiful in the year.

In the neoclassical writings when moon is stated, it is this beautiful harvest moon that is intimated; and there are several other named moons written into haiku. The moon is definitely a favored haiku topic for all haijin

I invite you to share some of your expertise on moon with me

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