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❧✿❧Lets Haiku a Christmas Carol❧✿❧
Dec 23rd DAY THREE PROMPT - "The fragrance of Black fruit cake and red wine"

copyright remains with the individual writers

chaffs of sorrel -
a colour red like wine steeps
to boiling water
© gillena cox 2015

a cat by the Christmas tree
grandmother knitted the gloves
aroma of fresh bread
© Tatjana Debeljacki , Serbia

freezing cold outside
we bake our Christmas cookies
who wants a warm bite
© MaryBeth Utley Lathrop, USA

roasting on an open fire
our spirits rise
© Michael Smeer, Netherlands

approaching eve -
less and less time to write haiku
for a shop worker
© Maurizio Petruccioli, Italy

Christmas bears gifts
fruitcakes and wine
© Sanaa Rizvi‎, Saudi Arabia

scent of black fruitcake...
burnt from a sweet shopping trip
i smell a red wine
© Pat Geyer, USA

smells from the kitchen
some memories to it
© Brendon Kent, UK

cobbled street
fragrance of mulled wine
around the corner
© Marina Bellini, Italy

home for Christmas
the fruitcake we always
pretended to like
© William Kenney, USA

slice of fruitcake
sprig of mistletoe held -
both hands filled
© gillena cox 2015

The song for 2015 is from Trinidadian Lennox Grey - "Around the christmas tree”

We are using the first eleven lines of his song for our prompts during the twelve day festival

Welcome to A New Christmas haiku series at Lunch Break, which replaces the old series “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (2008 - 2014)

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All haiku submitted will be published at Lunch Break between December 21st 2015 to January 01st 2016. Festival posts will be edited throughout the days of the festival to include your haiku.


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