Thursday, September 03, 2020


[poster paints used for this background painting, sunflowers added digitally, size 6 by 4 inches]
as if
staring across the street -
boldfaced sunflowers

© gillena cox 2020

[poster paints used for this background painting, bell pepper added digitally size 6 by 4 inches]


Rain's Garden
Thursday Art Date: The Old Masters

3 September 2017
3 September 2015
3 September 2014

[gif created using PicsArt]



Valerie-Jael said...

Nice art! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

Gillena Cox said...

Thanks for dropping by Valerie


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Well you did get a little of several Old Masters in your first painting (loved the haiku too). I see a little Picasso and VanGogh :) As for using a red sweet pepper to make a bird face (at least that is what I see), that will have to go down in history as your original style :) Fun pictures and always love you GIFs ... Stay well, Gillena ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Christine said...

Lovely work Gillena! Sunflowers are a great choice this time of year.

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you for your appreciation Andrea


Gillena Cox said...

Thank you for your appreciation Christine


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love the sunflowers. They are my state flower. The way you matched them with another old master (either Chagall or Picasso?) was brilliant. I loved the pepper, too. You have such a creative mind and a great command of digital art, too.

Gillena Cox said...

Thank you for your appreciation Elizabeth


Elkes Lebensglück said...

Lovely work Gillena! o so fun the pictures GIFs.
Stay well and have a happy day, hug Elke

Gillena Cox said...

Happy you dropped by Elkes


Cathy Kennedy said...


Your poetry is nice and I loved your artistic interpretations of two classics. I don't the works of the old masters very well but vanGogh and Munch would appreciate your renditions. Thanks for joining me at my humble little blog. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and be well, dear!

Gillena Cox said...

Happy you dropped ny Cathy


NatureFootstep said...

giggling, your faces made me smile, especially the OMG-one. :)
Take care!

Gillena Cox said...

😊 glad you dropped by Monica


Julia said...

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