Monday, December 26, 2016


Merry Christmas


Welcome to day 2 of Gifts Of Haiku To Baby Jesus [25th Dec 2016 to 5th Jan 2017] featuring the Christmas carol Little Drummer Boy. It's Lunch Break's NINTH YEAR of celebrating The 12 days of Christmas.

You can ADD your haiku at comments, MESSAGE me EMAIL me OR link a post from your blog during the 12 days. This post will be edited through out the day

Poems remain the copyright of individual writers

nighttime -
all the tales those Christmas lights
© gillena cox 2016

being born and being breastfed
from blood and flesh,-
Amen !
© Naotaka Uematsu

a refugee child
no crib for a bed--
© Johnny Baranski

first christmas
the twinkle
in His father's eye
© Brendon Kent

shining star twinkles
he smiles my heart skips a beat
our eyes meet this night
© Chelle Baratta-Angelini

midnight mass
the congregation
in shadows
© Art Kingston

from one angel
to another
light of peace
© Vibeke Laier

First Christmas
the breath of ox and ass
keeping Jesus warm
© Mary Davila

I choose Love's fair path:
A child holding my hand
Lamb walking with us
© Deborah San Gee

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Dec 26, 2016


Gillena Cox said...

Hank Merry Christmas, thanks for linking up

much love...

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the song of the little drummer boy. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and the very happiest New Year.