Thursday, December 29, 2016


Merry Christmas Day 5


Welcome to Gifts Of Haiku To Baby Jesus [25th Dec 2016 to 5th Jan 2017] featuring the Christmas carol Little Drummer Boy. It's Lunch Break's NINTH YEAR of celebrating The 12 days of Christmas.

You can ADD your haiku at comments, MESSAGE me EMAIL me OR link a post from your blog during the 12 days. This post will be edited throughout the day

Poems remain the copyright of individual writers

Kiss of morning sun -
poinsettia, periwinkle
grackle and i
© gillena cox

Christmas is a gift
That most of us don't realize
Enjoy your lovely day
© Kathe W.

shepherds from close by
Kings come from great distances
the Baby is why
© Chelle Baratta-Angelini

Christ's Mass
sang sacred songs; heard
the reindeer hooves on the roofs.
© Marieta Maglas

Holy Innocents--
the children
of Aleppo
© Johnny Baranski

silent night rain
a cat stops and listen to
the christmas bell
© Vibeke Laier

bearing gifts...
we honor His greatness
known and unknown
© Pat Geyer

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